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The above banners are supplied by safe-audit who I am with at the moment. They offer a very good service and are very reliable when it comes to paying for sponsor clicks. Pay out rate varies with individual ads. There is no specific HTML code to be put in all of your pages. Instead you have to get individual codes for different banners. Not only codes, but you will also have to download the banner (GIF format) and then upload it on your server. You will then have to edit little bit of the HTML code of the banner to point it's source to the place of your server where you have uploaded it. You can also sign up into one of their referral programs, so that every time a web host or an advertisers signs up through your site, you will get the referral revenue, although it is not very attractive. An example of their banner is below.




ClickAgents :
These guys are VERY good, efficient and reliable.They pay between 10 - 20 cents per click thru. Most of the sites though will get 10 cents per click rate. You will have the option of showing either full banners or buttons. Statistics are available 24 hrs a day. Complete statistics of banners shown and clicks generated are available broken into days, months and years. Click thrus and impressions per day are available. Also have an attractive referral program. You will get 10% referral commission every time a host site signs up following the link on your site. All referral statistics per referral are provided in detail. No restriction of traffic.

ClickTrade :
Another very popular service on the web. Their pay out rate varies with individual ads e.g, from 2 cents to 25 cents. Get paid by putting banners, buttons and text links. Payout rate is same. All the advertisers are put in a directory from which you can search appropriate ads by using keywords just like a search engine. Thus you can put targeted ads at specific sites in your pages to increase the click thru ratio. Also have a referral program, but I have doubts about it because I have given them lots of click thrus but they say that I have referred none. The HTML code for banners varies with individual ads so there is no fixed HTML code to be put in your pages. Some times the advertiser's deposited money is exhausted so you will not get a penny from the click thrus that are generated from these banners and you will have to remove them manually. You have to check regularly to see if some of the advertiser's accounts have exhausted or not.

eAds :
Pays a flat rate of 10 cents per click. They have put all the ads in different categories, once selected you will be given allotted a category from which you can choose which banners to be displayed. There is no hassle of advertisers running out of money, so you will never have to remove the banner code. Don't really have a referral program but will pay you 5 cents if some one of your visitors clicks their button and goes to their site. All in all not bad, you check out yourself.

Teknosurf :
Pays 13 to 30 cents per click thru. Rates vary per banner. Most of the time you will get a banner with a pay out rate of 10 - 15 cents. They have tough terms and conditions which should be read before signing up. Have got different pay out programs. Provide in depth statistics. Some of it's current campaigns are offeing on a pay per view basis. The performance of ads is determined on individual host sites by "intelligent modelign system". The ads which have high click thru ratios are displayed more on that site as compared to ads which generate low click thru ratios. Offers a referral program. On each host site referred you get 5 $ and if some webmaster signs up with them from the site you referred, you get 2 $. They don't really like host sites hosted on free servers, thus they most of the time reject sites than accepting them. You can try your luck. Quite reliable service.

Datacom :
Pays 10 cents per click, increased pay out for sites generating more traffic. Statistics are accessible 24 hrs a day. Banners are automatically rotated. Have no restriction on amount of traffic.